Bo Polny: The Time Has Come, Proclaim Liberty! Sound The Shofar!

Bo Polny has been telling the truth for more than one year without a mistake. He is telling the world that April 23-26 is the period for some big event in America!

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According to him, the event won’t be only big, but Bo describes it as a ‘’new era in time’’ and ‘’one of the greatest timepoints in human history.’’

However, Bo wants to be a guest on one show on April 23 to kick things off.

That is awesome!

Bo got a shofar directly from Israel with the Lion of Judah at the end.

Firstly the interview was supposed to be 20 minutes, but after all the things that Bo has to say, it ended up 45 minutes. Also, it has ZERO fluff.

In the interview, we can hear the Biblical giants, ancient bloodlines that have been ruling this world to gold, silver, cryptocurrencies, and of course, Trump’s return.

Let’s not forget, you will hear something about the fall of the U.S. dollar in the Federal Reserve Banking System.

Bear in mind that the Federal Reserve Bank is not federal, doesn’t have reserves, and of course, it isn’t even a bank.

The interview is extraordinary, so don’t miss it.

Also, please share it with your family and friends.

Bo will blow the shofar too.

It is not very easy as you think it is! Bo makes all of his slides free to download.

However, Bo gives 50% off to all those watching the show that wants to sign up for his cryptocurrency Newsletter.

Below you can find the links.

Moreover, Bo has another big event in the show. Big announcement.

Bo receives hundreds of messages and emails every day after the interview. People want to know more about cryptocurrencies, the buying process, save sites, holding them, etc.

Precisely because of those questions, Bo and his son Sebastian put together a ‘’Crypto School.’’

It represents a Crypto101 for those who know Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and want to participate in it but don’t know-how.

I know that many of you ask how to do that, but I cannot answer you all.

Moreover, it is elementary, and if you follow the steps, you will manage to do it.

I will help you with how to do it the easier way.

It is easy to make some mistakes that will cost you. But that is why we will help you.

If you are one of those who ask the previously mentioned questions, then Bo’s Easy Crypto School is perfect for you.

Just open the link, and use the code WLT39.

Enjoy the interview.

Excellent things will follow. You will be fun watching the video.

YouTube backed it up.

Download Bo’s slides

Bo’s trading Newsletter:, use code WLT49.

Easy Crypto School

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