Biden Tweets, Then Mysteriously Deletes Haunting Video From Dr. Fauci

How can Biden’s Twitter account share and delete an ominous Fauci video and then repost it again, with the critical parts trimmed?

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Numerous unusual events occurred in the U.S. But, now what is this with Biden’s Twitter account? His POTUS Twitter account!

Everyone knows that Biden doesn’t write his tweets, but there is a whole team doing that job. But he can’t bond one sentence right, so how can we expect him to understand Twitter at this point.

So, those who write the tweets are his handlers. I want to know why they shared a video about Facui scaring the Americans and then delete it and repost it again, but the main points are trimmed.

Please take a look at it below.

There are probably two explanations. Fact-Checkers, these are my opinions. Don’t judge!

The government promotes vaccination, but not for health reasons, and they do it for revenue reasons. The number that they expected to reach for the vaccination population is far from the real numbers. So, they use the ‘’Delta variant’’ to scare young people!

I want to see the official studies that Fauci mentions, the studies that show the vaccine is strong against the Delta variant.

The thing we have right now is Fauci’s words and scary videos!

The second thing is that the Dems lost the bid to ‘’federalize elections’’ and making the Republicans never win another election. They want to desperate complicate the COVID panic right before the 2022 election!

Take a look at what people said about the video:

“Either the vax provides protection, or it doesn’t. It’s obvious what the agenda is here.”

“Do I get this right? They cut out the part that says vaxxed people are in danger too? Bahaaa F*** Fauci and his Dildo-Variant ahh Delta-Variant “

“Literal f**king clown show”

“If you still believe in this and have not put the facts together you are truly a waste”

“Vaccinated people are VERY VERY well protected, but even if you are vaccinated, don’t meet other people, keep wearing the mask, and generally do as if you weren’t vaccinated”

“LOL they think we don’t notice”

“Dr Fraudci.”

“Time to turn up the fear machine”

“There’s an election coming up, time to whip up the panic, everyone.” 

Everything is already known!

Biden’s Handlers shared the video and realized that the message they shared wasn’t the one that they wanted to share, so they deleted, modified, and then reposted it!

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