Biden Posts From Fake White House Set — Where Is He Really?

Again, people, it happened! Biden posted videos and messages from the fake White House Set.

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We have covered this before on many occasions, and it is definitely true!

It happened again, something that is really weird. Everyone asks one question: If a person has access to the WH, why would he create another one, fake?

The Fact-checkers are the ministry of propaganda! They aren’t real fact-checkers. Their job is to sway a story and confuse the public with the truth!

In October, we reported that Biden shared messages and videos from the Fake WH set. Before it was common news, we reported that the window behind Biden was cartoonish in coloration. After that, many media outlets reported that it was a fake set of the WH.

If you visit this on FB to this day, you will see ‘’Missing Context’’.

‘’ Missing Context = this is actually 100% true and even we can’t BS enough to label it false, so we’re going to find some minor detail or idea we make up and claim that due to something that has 0.01% impact on the story, it is “Missing Context.”’’


Reuters, who ‘’fact-checked’’ this information in October, reported:


Here’s the end of the article, and you will see that they are lying.

Fake Set was used again. Now, Biden shared a new photo from the conversation between him and Ukrainian President Zelensky.

It’s about the windows again! Trees with leaves? There aren’t trees with leaves in DC and around the WH right now because it is winter!

Here are images of the WH from yesterday and today.

There aren’t trees with leaves.

Why would someone want to build a fake WH set? Maybe because they don’t have access?

Even Newsweek reported on this issue:

Why was a fake Oval Office built?

The event space is being used for White House events that are being broadcast. The area is bigger than the actual Oval Office, and provides an area for journalists.

Martha Kumar, director of the White House Transition Project explained that this room in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building is being used more regularly due to it being more accessible.

Previously, the room known as Room 450 was used for such media events.

“You have to slug your way up flights of stairs because the small elevators would hold only a limited number of people,” Kimar explained to the Washington Examiner.

“That means you often had to walk. White House staff, as well as presidents, would have to make their way there, too, though they had the luxury of an elevator. With its easy access, the South Court site was welcomed by all.”

While former White House events director Josh King explained that the use of the new area is down to “PoliOptics.”

“Every week in Washington has an element of theater and stagecraft, one side or another working to take full advantage of visual storytelling,” King told the newspaper.

“Presidents can fly on Air Force One across the country—or even around the world—for a photo worthy to print on the top of the fold of U.S. newspapers.”

King said that the South Court Auditorium is usually a “generic, stadium-style meeting room with four or five rows of seats; space in the back of the room for cameras sitting on tripods; a small buffer area in front of the stage for still photographers to capture the key moment; and handy backstage doors for easy ingress and egress by the principals.”

Okay, Newsweek had to create another fake set of the WH because the original one has many stairs.

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