AZ Attorney General Reversed The Illegal Vaccine Mandate For Employees In Tucson City

Situation twist!

On Tuesday, the AZ Attorney General’s office stated that the City of Tucson’s mandate for all city employees to get a coronavirus shot violated state law.

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AG Mark Brnovich added that the mandate is against Governor Doug Ducey’s executive order.
In case you don’t know what Ducey’s order is, then continue reading: “Any county, city, town or political subdivision official that implements a vaccine mandate contrary to the authorities outlined in this order is in violation of A.R.S. 36-114, and 36-184 and such actions are punishable by a class 3 misdemeanor and subject to legal action by individuals for violation of their rights under Arizona law.”

Tucson told the employees that they must obtain proof of getting the COVID-19 experimental shot. Otherwise, they will be suspended for five unpaid days.

If the workers still weren’t vaccinated, the penalty would be increased.

Attorney General’s office stated:
“We have found that the city’s ordinance violates state law and also is in direct conflict with the governor’s executive order.’’

“Tucson’s vaccine mandate is illegal, and the city could be held liable for attempting to force employees to take it against their beliefs. COVID-19 vaccinations should be a choice, not a government mandate.”

In case Tucson doesn’t amend the mandate in 30 days, “the AGO will notify the Arizona Treasurer, who will withhold the city’s portion of state shared revenue until it comes into compliance.”

It could reach millions of dollars.

“Additionally,” the A.G.’s office stated, “the AGO believes the City of Tucson could subject itself to potential liability claims if it were to take adverse action against an employee who relies on E.O. 2021-18 and state law to refuse the vaccine.”

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