A Clearly Furious Megyn McCain Drops An F-Bomb On Jen Psaki

Jen Psaki was asking for it

The White House Press Secretary will always remember Meghan McCain’s lesson. The Biden admin had an awful day and we don’t even feel bad.

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America lost 13 service men in twin explosions at the international airport in Kabul. At least 20 members of the military sustained injury and the condition of 10 soldiers is critical. Unfortunately, the number of victims may change in the next few days. We are sending our words and prayers to these brave people and their families.

It was a sad day for the United States. People are fed up with Joe Biden’s mistakes. The man left people to die in Afghanistan. Americans are furious and frustrated. The death of these 13 people made us even angrier.

This was the darkest day in US military in a decade.

Biden made a mistake in Afghanistan. He didn’t even think of finding a solution to the problem. His administration failed miserably.

A day before the explosions in Kabul, Psaki tried to spin the disaster in Afghanistan. Many would agree that this was the most destructive evacuation process in the entire history of mankind.

Biden just sunk his ship and bragged about filling up a few lifeboats. That’s not how things work.

Team Biden tried to spin the whole thing and these bombings didn’t really work in their favor. Where did Biden go? He showed up after 7 hours. Psaki made her first comments after 8-9 hours. They ignored the situation in Kabul throughout the entire day.

Biden and his people are ineffective and ignorant. America will never forget this.

Meghan McCain blasted Biden for the way he handled the situation in Afghanistan.

We bet McCain regrets voting Biden? She is definitely angry at Psaki.

That’s when she dropped the f-bomb.

People are fed up and we need this nonsense to stop. Biden entered the White House eight months ago and this is a nightmare.

We can’t really believe that 81 million people voted for this old creep.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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