1[VIDEO] British Reporter Just Accidentally Announced Pope’s Death After Rumors Of His Poor Health Heat Up

Is he still alive?

A Vatican source revealed that Pope Francis is on his death bed.

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Some say he has cancer.

Here’s what Newsmax wrote on December 7:

“BREAKING: A Vatican source tells Newsmax’s John Gizzi that ‘Pope Francis is dying,’ with insiders saying they believe the Pontiff will not survive past 2022.”

We can definitely say that Pope Francis is sick.

A British TV anchor said the Pope had died on live TV. A lot of people were surprised.

Is this a mistake?

“A couple of weeks ago I heard he was dying now this? Seems odd.”

“He was alive on December 24th, but now we need proof of life” 

“How do you get that story wrong? Sounds like someone was talking in her ear” 

“The pope is dead. She read the real news and was told to abort it”

“Christmas and Easter….all on the same day! “

The Vatican source revealed that Vatican officials are already looking for a replacement.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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